We FREELY partner with, train, and labor alongside normal people who follow Jesus and desire to do whatever it takes to see God's vision of #NoPlaceLeft accomplished and Jesus return in our lifetime (or die faithfully trying). 

If you would like to come and see, be a part of, or labor alongside us as we are following Jesus, email anyone on this list in your area. We are not an organization, we do not have specific gathering place or building, we do not collect funds. To supply for our own needs God has allowed each of us to do hard work with our hands through business or teaching in OKC. We do this to lay down a model that can be reproduced by any and every believer. Freely we have received, freely we give. 

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David & Ann (NW OKC) -

Dave & Bran (N OK) -

Drew & Megan (Central) -

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Sean (Central) -

OKC: Brutal Facts & Vision

End Vision - 10,000 multiplying Jesus followers gathered among 500 multiplying churches across OKC.
(We believe this is what it's going to take to see #NoPlaceLeft where the gospel has not gone forth across the OKC metro area)

How did we get to this end vision?...these are the Brutal Facts:

Population (OKC Metro): 1.37 million

# Believers: around 370,000 adherents gathered in 1,176 churches 
(The includes adherents to evangelical protestant congregations reported from the 2010 census. Keep in mind, this is a very generous statistic. A more recent survey has shown that only 20% of the U.S. population attends a church on any given Sunday.)

# Non-Believers: 1,000,000 (65% of OKC Metro)
(This means that if Jesus were to return today, nearly 900 thousand people would spend eternity separated from God in hell. Are we content with this?)

Target 10%: 100,000 
(The minority rule of reaching a tipping point with any movement is 10%. In other words, if we reach 10% of the 880 thousand lost people, then the rest will likely hear and be given an opportunity to respond to the message of the gospel. In order to reach the target 10% we are praying and striving to see )

# Of New Churches needed to gather this 10%: 500 
(59% of churches in U.S. have between 7-99 members; 35% of churches have less than 500 members. So, 94% of churches in the U.S. range in size between 7 and 499 members. This number of 500 new churches is based upon each new church having the mean average amount of 176 members. To simplify this vision, we are seeking to start churches in homes, apartments, businesses, etc, of new believers with the average sustainable size of 15-20 people or 3-5 family units. This is where and how churches were started in the New Testament. If we could see 10% of our target (8,000-10,000) become followers of Jesus who are equipped and obedient to make disciples, then the effect of multiplication would cause every person in the OKC metro area to hear the Gospel. This then is our vision, 10,000 multiplying Jesus followers gathered with 500 multiplying churches)

How is it possible to see this happen?

What zero budget pattern did Jesus and His disciples leave behind to accomplish His mission? video

NO PLACE LEFT is a movement of movements aimed at getting to no place left where Christ is not made known in our generation—no people group, ethnic group, city or segment (Rom. 15:23). We do that through reproducing disciples and churches among the lost until there is no place left. What we are about...
Kingdom: We believe it is our Father’s heart to create a harvest (Matt. 9:37-38) and bring His kingdom fully in each locale (Matt. 6:9-10) for His glory.
Global: global Acts 1:8 movement in which disciples make reproducing disciples to fully reach their own diverse contexts and then unreached peoples of the earth for Christ. We foster interdependent partnerships in mission between autonomous churches and apostolic bands (Acts 13, Philippians 1:5).
CPM-Based: We catalyze Spirit-led church planting movements as the avenue for reaching a whole area—emphasizing 1) finding God prepared people (entry), 2) reproducing evangelism, 3) reproducing disciples, 4) reproducing churches and 5) reproducing leaders.
Finishing The Task: Therefore, we are about finishing the task of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20, 24:14) whatever is may cost us for His glory (John 12:24).
Generational Growth: We are a decentralized movement (starfish) of reproducing generations of disciples and churches, knowing that until we see consistent fourth generation and beyond, a stream is not becoming a movement (Matt. 28:18-20; 2 Tim. 2:2; Matt. 13:31-33).
Gospel, Word & Spirit: We are Christ-centered proclaiming the gospel of grace (Luke 24:46-49; Acts 20:24) reliant on the Word as our guide (John 15:1-16) and the Spirit as our Empowerer (John 14:23-26). 
Urgency: We live and work with urgency keeping THE DAY in mind—hastening the end of the age as we await Christ’s coming (Heb. 10:24-25; 2 Pet. 3:12).
Prayerful Practice: We pray for laborers while practicing as laborers ourselves (Luke 10:2)We all take personal ownership of the Great Commission and allocate time to reaching the lost within their sphere of influence (1 Cor 9:16).
Disciples Not Converts: We go to new believers where they are and disciple them to obey Jesus’ commands out of love (Matt 28:18-20, Jn. 14:21)with the expectation that the Word will reproduce in their life as they do the same with others (Matt 13).
Humility: Our aspiration is to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God (James 4:6-10) to live by His grace, honor one another in love (Rom. 12:9-11) and continue as learners of the counter-intuitive ways of the King (Mk 1:15).
Volunteer Movement: An open-membership open-source volunteer movement (or coalition) built around the Matthew 24:14/Romans 15:23 vision. Anyone aspiring to the vision and ethos can enter the movement as a free-will offering (Psalm 110:3) and we are open-handed in our interactions (Prov. 11:24-25)Our leaders grow into position they don't go into position; spiritual authority is extended to leaders, not extracted by them.
Not an Organization: We are a movement or coalition with no hierarchy or defined leadership structure. Therefore we are not an organization with associated structures. Nor are defined by any organizations, regional initiatives or ventures bearing the name No Place Left. They may simply be manifestations of this movement in its various forms.
Not a Funding Base Or Conduit: Practitioners in our coalition pursue funding in a variety of ways and mechanisms but No Place Left is not a funding conduit.
Not a Denominationally-Based Movement: Though our practitioners are Evangelical in orientation we are not restricted to any one denomination or church. 

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